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From: Gavin Mountford
London, United Kingdom

If you're sick & tired of chasing, pestering and bugging people to buy your products, services or business opportunity and constantly being told "no" or being rejected over and over again, then...

...this will be a game-changer for you.

With it, you may quickly become the person who attracts free leads to them instead of being ignored...

Someone who everyone wants to buy from or work with...

Get this right and you'll be one of the rare social media marketers enjoying...

A Steady Flow Of
High-Quality Free Leads
To Choose From...

Now before we dive in to this, it's important for you to know there's TWO (2) different types of marketing on Facebook:

  • Firstly, there's the WRONG type of marketing - (which all the part-time, amateur, spammers use).
  • And secondly, there's the RIGHT type of marketing - (which all the full-time, professional experts use).

And they're both very different.

Now, the WRONG type of marketing is what we call "Push or repel" marketing...

And it's where:

  • You Chase, pester and bug people.
  • You spam links and ads online.
  • You post your products and services all over FB.
  • You get told “NO” over and over again!
  • Nobody buys from you.
  • Friends & Family laugh at you behind your back (Rejection).

You've probably seen it yourself before... people create a business page / fan page, they join other people's groups and they PUSH and SPAM their products, services and business to as many people as they can...

And they think people are going to buy from them...

And they NEVER do.

You may have seen "PUSH" posts like this before:

And posts like this with desperate people posting on their FB Profiles, business pages and other FB Groups practically begging people to buy from them.

And these wanna-be marketers repelling and chasing people - attracting the WRONG type of attention over and over again.

It looks pretty desperate doesn't it, especially when you see it like this!

It's important for you to know:

Push marketing doesn’t work… & it’s KEEPING YOU from attracting the right leads to you

Now, you tell me: do you think these people (above) have had ANY success, generated any real leads or made any real income at all in the past 90 days? 

If you said, “No,” you'd be correct.

The shocking truth is that only 3% of online marketers make any significant progress over a YEAR, let alone over just 90 days.

Why? Because good people just like you have been misled and lied to by the information marketers, experts and so called "guru's". 

You probably believe you have to post about your business all over Facebook and Social Media to get results, when what you REALLY need to do is post LESS using a very specific attraction based strategy.

Posting endlessly about your products, services or business opportunity is NOT required

Successful marketers never bother with ANY of this chasing, pestering or bugging people about their products, services or opportunity, and believe me, they generate a lot of free leads easily.

In fact, ALL the top Social Media Marketers PULL and attract people to them...

Including many of my clients who you'll see below.

People like Robin, Alenka, Maria, Jackie and many, many more. They can literally put out ONE post and attract 100+ leads, customers and clients in 24 hours or less!

See what I mean here:

122 People Asking for My Free Lead Magnet

308 People Wanted Access to Robin's Free Gift

195 Leads in 48 Hours for Alenka

285 People Interested in Maria's Products

Jackie Got 180 Leads From This Attraction Post...

How do we do it? PULL / ATTRACTION MARKETING... That's how.

And that's exactly how YOU'LL do it too.

I know many of the top leaders and experts in the online marketing space, and I also know all of their secrets, plus dozens of other "get it done FAST" secrets.

I'll tell you HOW I know all of this in just a moment...

All I did was condense these methods and make them work for the busy, none technical person who wants equally FAST results... without all the "complicated technology" or spending hours and hours A DAY in front of your computer screen, talking to time wasters and tire kickers.

Listen: This isn't complicated.

In fact, it's EASY when you have a simple "free leads" generation system.

I now only work a few hours per day, yet I generate hundreds of high-quality free leads each week. But hey... if you want to over-complicate it, go for it. I prefer something else...

The Answer Is Found within 
The A.C.E Leads Protocol

There's a reason "Attraction Marketing" is where it's at-however, let's be crystal clear.

It needs a strategy, and a bit of thought is required. You don't spend all day chained to the computer, but you do need to work SMART.

And don't worry... I designed this 30 minutes per DAY leads system to work ESPECIALLY for people who have a family and a full-time job with busy lives.

My powerful process is called The A.C.E. Leads Protocol.

The A.C.E. Leads Protocol uses a highly specific approach to lead generation with a very special 3 stage process anyone can do that has worked for thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs.

How do I know all of this?

I'm Gavin Mountford, the Founder of Networking Superstars. I'm lucky enough to have been a multiple 6-figure full-time online business owner since 2004.

I've enrolled close to 1000 people in multiple opportunities, built teams of over 10,000 and sold thousands of my own digital products and affiliate products over the years.

I've also been fortunate to have been able to generate almost 110,000 free leads online. (40,000 through "old school" email marketing and 70,000 using simple yet powerful Facebook Groups.)

My Method Simply Works... But 'Regular' Push Marketing Just Frustrates You More

This was my BIG "aha" moment...

I was actually "advertising" (spamming) my link in other groups... just like I told you not to do...

When I noticed something that changed everything for me...

I actually looked at the group I was advertising in for the first time...

(Here's a screenshot of the group).

I noticed the Admin of the group was branding herself, she had her advert pinned to the top of the group and she had her link there for all 67,475 members for all to see!

I thought...

"Hang on a second, who's actually generating the most leads & income here? Is it all the minions like me posting their links and adverts?

OR: is it the owners of the groups?"

That changed everything for me... which was why I went & set up my own Free Facebook Group immediately...

We all had TWO (2) things in common...

It's funny because in 2012, I was speaking at the UK Internet Summit…

Speaking alongside some industry greats like Diane Hochman, Daegan Smith, Brian Fanale (MLSP), Jay Roberts, Rachael Macgregor & Lyne Driscoll…

Over the weekend I chatted quite a lot, both with the other speakers and the successful attendees.

It turned out that we all had TWO (2) thing in common:

1) We all used Attraction Marketing to build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses online...

2) We all had our own Facebook Groups to generate free leads as a CORE part of our strategy..

Having a Drink With Daegan Smith

Hanging out with Diane Hochman

Chatting With Brian Fanale

LOOK: It's no coincidence that all successful marketers use Attraction Marketing and Facebook Groups to get free leads for their business.

Now it's YOUR TURN...

SEE... Having Your Own Profitable Facebook Group Allows You To:

  • Quickly build a warm market online…
  • Attract and capture free leads very quickly...
  • Gain access to leads profiles so you can see exactly who they are…
  • Achieve posture and credibility fast
  • Easily get seen as an expert (Even if you’re not)...

8 Things Having Your Own Facebook Group Does For You In Your Marketing:

  • Proves why prospects should spend money with you!
  • Demonstrates why you're the superior choice in your market!
  • Makes it a no-brainer for prospects to say YES to you!
  • Generates more income for you from your leads!
  • Brings you more new clients, buyers or team members!
  • Decreases your rejection because leads come to you!
  • Anybody can do it because it's very low tech!
  • Increases the perceived value of your knowledge so you can charge more... and get it!

This method and strategy was already out there, however for some reason I'd overlooked it when I first started.

As soon as I'd had success using Facebook Groups myself... I condensed these methods and made them work for the busy, none technical person who wants equally FAST results...

...without all the "complicated technology" or spending hours and hours A DAY in front of your computer screen, talking to time wasters and tire kickers.

Listen: This isn't complicated.

In fact, it's EASY when you have a simple system and your own Facebook Group.

I taught this process to my team, clients and students and here's what happened:

Brian Morrison Attracted 303 Free Leads

Using His FB Group

Alenka Tercic Attracted 1,018 Free Leads
Using Her FB Group

Jackie Grant Attracted 432 Free Leads

Using Her FB Group

Laura Stephen Attracted 870 Free Leads 
Using Her FB Group

Danny Young Attracted 1935 Free Leads 

Using His FB Group

Diane Hoggarth Attracted 914 Free Leads 

Using Her FB Group

Robin Smith Attracted 7288 Free Leads 

Using Her FB Group

One Of My Groups Is Now At 66,002 Free Leads 

With 559 Waiting To Be Approved!

Now, Where's the "WIN" emoji again?

Once you start generating high-quality leads into your Facebook Group, just have a look at what else you can achieve :-)

These testimonials are from some of our customers, clients and students who've implemented our simple methods...

Robin Smith

"Earned an Extra $123,541.00 in Commissions..."

"As a stay-at-home Mom I only get to work on my business part-time. Thanks to the methods I've learned from Gavin, I've been able to generate over 7,220 leads, earn an extra $123,541.00 in commissions & personally enrolled 74 reps into my business!"

Eddie Iduoze

"700 Team Members in 9 Countries..."

"We now have a business of over 700 team members in 9 countries. We get paid from 9 countries. Gavin's Step-by-Step trainings helped me grow and organise my team.

In addition to that I've used these processes to move my team from high touch to high tech and generated over $25,000 in commissions."

Nicole Hanchi

"My Biggest Income Week of $4,000 Online!"

"I'm so EXCITED... In the last 12 months by using this process I've generated over 2000 leads, grown my team by 80 people, achieved 2 rank promotions in my company and had my biggest income week of $4,000 online!"

Diane Hoggarth

"Thank You So Much for Seeing Potential In Me..."

"Wow Gavin, I can't believe it... thank you so much for seeing potential in me when I didn't believe in myself!

I just wanted to let you know since going through your courses I've just made 5 sales in a single week and I'm set to clear $1000 this month!

Thank you Gavin, you're a very caring person who wants to help everyone. You are a great MENTOR."

Scott Cook

"I Currently Have 10,068 Enrolled Distributors in My Venture..."

"I'm a graduate of the 6 Steps Method Academy that Gavin offers. I had to take some time away due to a LITERAL explosion in my business, not in small part to what Gavin Mountford teaches in the Academy!

I began the journey with my new opportunity of Dec 12th, and as of right now (March 9th) I currently have 10,068 enrolled distributors in my venture. I'd say Gavin's coaching pays off... you all need to join!"

Emma Berg

"In 24 Hours I Sold 30 Boxes of My Products!!"

"This stuff works! I just joined a brand new opportunity and decided to implement the skills I learned from Gavin's Method immediately!

I created post on Facebook and then went to bed eager to see what would happen in the morning. When I woke up, I checked my Facebook and was amazed at what I saw...

Overnight I'd had 110 people interested in learning more... and in 24 hours I sold 30 boxes of my products!!

Now it's time to repeat, repeat, repeat! Very excited about the future :-)"

Shemin Lakhani

"My Team of Around 800 Had a Turnover of $500,000 in The Month of October"

"When I first got started with Gavin's trainings I was in the lower ranks in my company compensation plan. I am proud to say that in the month of October 2018, I reached the highest rank!

My team of around 800 had a turnover of $500,000 in the month of October - compared with just $1000's when I first started with Gavin."

Maria Perryman

"Rank Advanced 3 Times in 60 Days..."

"I am so excited because I just realized after implementing the methods I learned from Gavin’s trainings I have ranked advanced in my current business 3 times within 60 days!

And I launched my business in the UK!!!

I enroll between 6-8 Marketing Executives a month.

Engagement on my page is up 100%. I gain over 100 comments & leads a day from my posts.

My extra income has increased from less than $100 a month to over $2000 a month!!!"

Danny Young

"I Have Generated Over 2,500 Leads..."

"When I first tried to grow my business online, it's fair to say that I struggled massively.

However, since meeting Gavin and implementing this, I have generated over 2,500 leads, watched my primary network marketing business grow, introduced additional streams of income, ranked up several times in different opportunities and generated thousands of dollars in commissions!"

Now the GREAT news is that...

This works for any kind of product, service or business opportunity

In fact...

This will work if you're:

  • An Internet Marketer
  • A Network Marketer
  • An Affiliate Marketer
  • A Digital Product Creator
  • A Physical Product Creator
  • A Service Provider
  • An Author
  • A Speaker
  • A Coach
  • A Trainer
  • A Teacher
  • A Healer
  • An Artist
  • Any Other Industry

You might be in health and wellness, fitness, cryptocurrency, a business opportunity, real estate, diet & nutrition, beauty, travel, technology, physical goods, digital goods or any other industry...

It doesn't matter if you've got your own products or services OR if you sell other people's products or services...

Heck, you might even knit your own sweaters you want to sell online...

This same exact leads System works for all types of business online.


Because all businesses need leads.

And The A.C.E. Leads Protocol has THREE (3) STAGES. Each stage is designed to do ONE thing-nothing more, nothing less.

Let me tell you about these 3 Stages...

Stage 1: Attract

Do you want to get 10, 25, 50, even 100 leads or more each week? Then the most powerful way to do that is by creating a specific type of content called a "teaser post" which pulls and attracts interested people to you instead of repelling them.

Attraction creates desire. Desire for whatever you've got. As people come to you, the posture shifts... and all of a sudden YOU are in control and command of the conversation.

Note: Some A.C.E. Leads System clients only need to post their teaser posts 1 - 3 times per week. They find that they get "all the leads they need" for the week, and they simply stop right there.

Of course they repeat this process week in week out, but they do not need any more leads for that week. It's completely up to you.

Stage 2: Capture

Once you start attracting the right people to you, then and ONLY then should you proceed to Stage 2: Capture. This is what all our clients do.

First, attract the right people to you in Stage 1, and then capture those prospects and turn them into leads using our very simple Facebook Groups process.

Enter the CAPTURE Stage!

Here, you will (again) slightly change your marketing style and lead capture plan. That's it! Nothing drastic, nothing major.

Just simply follow along with the foundational A.C.E. Leads Protocol - that's is ALL you need to generate high-quality leads.

Oh, the added benefit of the CAPTURE Stage is that you KNOW exactly who your new leads are. You have access to their FB Profiles, their posts, updates, likes, dislikes, etc, etc and you're able to IMMEDIATELY engage them in conversation through Facebook.

Let's move on to Stage 3 :-)

Stage 3: Engage

The Engage Stage is critical and this is where your new leads are HOTTEST and most receptive. It's also where most people mess things up. 

At this point, your new leads are desperate to hear from you

They want what you've got and you've got the power to lead them wherever you desire :-)

The way you reach out to them, welcome them and follow-up with them is critical. Get it right and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Get it wrong and you'll ruin the relationship forever with no hope for recovery.

Overnight, you've become incredibly popular

Imagine this day with me if you will...

You just woke up and have grabbed your phone or switched on your computer. You enter in your passcode or swipe your thumbprint on the unlock screen.

Instantly you go to Facebook without even thinking about it and are amazed at what you see.

You've got a ton of new notifications you weren't expecting.

WHAT on earth?

When you went to bed last night, you had nothing.

Now you've got 58 people who've commented on your post asking for more information about what you're offering!

You've got 22 new people requesting to join your FB Group who you've just turned into brand new leads.

Next you head over to your Private Messages.

There's 17 people who've messaged you back since last night!

It feels AMAZING!

It's a huge confidence booster.

These people want what you've got and they're coming to you.

Things are happening fast :-)


You feel good knowing exactly how to attract the right people to you, capture them in your FB Group and engage with them to expose your offer!


The A.C.E. Leads System 


Everything you need to know about attracting high-quality leads using your own Facebook Group has been condensed into this simple-to-use, quick to read blueprint...

Please understand:

It's taken me almost 15 years of in-the-trenches social media marketing experience to discover and develop what you'll find in this training.

Not too mention, over $100,000 invested in learning, and trial and error... with many hundreds of clients and students... just to confirm this really is...

The Most Powerful System For Attracting

High-Quality Leads to You!

Grab Your A.C.E. Leads System Blueprint Now and


BONUS #1 - Master Your Teaser Posts

"Create Better Teaser Posts To Attract More Leads"


Right now... without question... you're missing out on a huge amount of leads.

Creating the wrong type of posts on Facebook is repelling your potential customers away from you.

If you look at how many leads and sales you're currently getting, you'll see it.

Not knowing how to create posts that attract is costing you money. Likely every day.

How would it impact your business if you generated just 5-10 free leads each day for your business? What about 20-50?

With access to this bonus training, you'll start creating teaser posts that attract more comments which you'll then turn into daily leads.

You'll discover what's working today to generate high-quality leads.

You'll have one of the easiest and fastest ways to attract free leads from your Facebook profile and other groups without having to spend anything on paid ads.

Some of what else you'll find inside this Bonus:

  • The secrets to creating your "teaser posts" to ATTRACT more comments faster than ever before allowing you to become more popular than your friends on Facebook.
  • 9 POWERFUL real-life teaser post examples that generated anywhere between 15 - 215 leads each. (See what's working NOW, then model them in your own business.)
  • The single most important thing you should always do before posting your teaser posts. You're guaranteed to have more people seeing your posts once you've done this one thing.
  • COPY THESE! 79 POWER words you can use immediately in your teaser posts to GRAB your audience's attention allowing you to stand out and look good in front of everybody else!
  • How-to use emojis correctly in your teaser posts. (Hint: There's 7 emojis that work every time to get more people to comment on your posts.)
  • Which type of teaser post should you use? Did you know there's THREE (3) different styles of teaser posts and it's important you know what they are and when to use them to get the most people saying "YES!".
  • SWIPE THESE! 10 copy-and-paste teaser post intros that are guaranteed to get you higher-quality leads. 
  • The #1 dirty word you should NEVER use in your teaser posts if you want your post to be seen on Facebook by more than just a few people.
  • The 6 hour teaser post BUMP savvy experts use to ensure their teaser posts get seen by double the amount of people.
  • Forget guessing where to post! Here's an exhaustive list of 1000 work-from-home Facebook groups you can use "at will" to post your teaser posts whenever you need a boost.
  • Should you use an image next to your teaser posts? Believe it or not, there's a specific time and place to use an image and it's not what you would at first think.
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!

Get This FREE When You Order!

BONUS #2 - Master Your Game-Plan

"Use The Right Posting Strategy To Triple Your Engagement"


It's not how often you post on Facebook that gets you the results you want.

Quality over quantity wins every time... and having the right game-plan is key.

Investing just a few minutes per day to carefully craft your message, post in the right place, at the right time, with the right content to the right people will attract an abundance of leads to you.

What determines how many leads you can get from a single post?

You guessed it -- how many comments that post gets as quickly as possible.

The higher this number goes for you... the more leads you'll get... the more sales you'll make and ultimately the more money you'll earn.

Inside this Bonus training you'll discover the go-to strategies you can immediately deploy to attract 10-50 high-quality leads every day from Facebook...


  • Knowing what to post, where to post and how often to post is key to attracting the right people to you. 
  • If I was just getting started, this is the one thing I would do first to get my first 10 leads fast.
  • MISTAKE! Why commenting and sending Private Messages to your new leads too fast will end you up in Facebook Jail. And how to fix it.
  • The FB Group "Team Takeover" Strategy - How-to work together with a small group of friends to ensure your posts get seen by hundreds more people instantly.
  • SHOCKING! Did you know, there's one thing you should never do when you first join a new Facebook Group if you don't want to get kicked out?
  • The FASTEST way to turn comments into leads. This little-known method will ensure you'll NEVER be without leads chasing you ever again.
  • How-to "fly under the radar" in other Facebook Groups to siphon out members WITHOUT the Admin of the group noticing.
  • Increase your response rate by leaving a "reply comment" when connecting with new leads on Facebook. This ONE trick alone will triple your reply rate.
  • The outstanding friend request problem. How to AVOID getting labelled as a "friend spammer" on Facebook... and how to make sure it never happens to you!
  • How-to leverage the power of "Promo Days" to get more leads for your business fast. (PLUS our go-to list of 50 top groups to leverage promo days in immediately.)
  • Troubleshooting 101:  Exactly what to do if you don't get any comments under your posts and how to fix it immediately.
  • The almost fool-proof 7 Step Strategy to get more leads from other Facebook Groups starting as soon as tomorrow.
  • The 3 types of content you should be posting DAILY in your own Facebook Group to ensure your leads and members BUY from you and not somebody else!
  • COPY & PASTE! The exact two (2) private messages to send to people who've commented on your post to turn them into new members (leads) of your own FB Group.
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!

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BONUS #3 - Master Your Profile Profits

"Turn Your FB Profile Into Profits Within 48 Hours"


The wrong Facebook profile setup repels potential customers away from you instantly.

This directly impacts your marketing results, and how many leads and sales you generate.

Every mistake you eliminate on your profile... saves you many hours of frustration -- time and energy you can invest in other parts of your business for more profit.

With this Bonus, you'll not only learn how to create a desirable and attractive Facebook profile quickly, easily and effectively you'll also also learn how to subtly position your links that pull prospects like crazy.

No joke.

It works because of something called the "P.O.P. Method"...

It eliminates time wasters, increases engagement, generates action takers, makes you money, and reduces frustration all at the same time.

Inside this Bonus, you'll see how to P.O.P. your Profile to totally transform your results in the next 48 hours.

And with a profile like this, you'll not only attract more leads, you'll generate more customers excited to see what else you have which they can buy.

Plus, inside this Bonus, you'll also find out:

  • The 6 most common profile mistakes almost everybody makes and how to eliminate them immediately to profit from your profile fast.
  • Turn your profile into a lead generating, profit producing machine by changing these FOUR (4) essential elements immediately!
  • YES! You can literally triple the amount of profile views you get in the next 24 hours by doing this (And FB will REWARD you for it!).
  • ONE simple tweak you can make today to attract more attention from your profile right now.
  • LINKS ON YOUR PROFILE? Should you have any links on your profile or not, and if so... how many? Prepare to be shocked!
  • A surefire method to turn profile visitors into red hot leads... eager to hear from you... and ready to act on your next call to action!
  • The weird thing people tend to do when they look at your profile and how to capitalize on it to turn them into leads fast!
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!

Get This FREE When You Order!

BONUS #4 - Master Your Mindset

"Getting Leads Is Easy When You Think The Right Thoughts"


Getting a few leads from a single post is one thing...

Doing it daily, consistently and on-demand is another.

Tony Robbins says that "80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy".

Inside this Bonus training, you'll learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract daily leads to you... in 6 mins or less per day... WITHOUT chasing, pestering or bugging.

Listening to to this short powerful audio will give you a daily dose of positivity around lead generation.

You'll learn how to make affirmations work for you instead of against you. (HINT: It's not what you say or how you say it, it's how you FEEL that works!)

Get ready to clear any mental or emotional blocks you may have around generating leads and unleash the full power of this system to generate more leads for your business…

If you've ever wondered how some people seem to have all the luck and success when it comes to online business... WITHOUT any effort... you're going to love this.

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If so...

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Gavin Mountford

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